Small Business Transition

So after all that hard work, sweat and just a little luck, your small business isn’t so small anymore.  With the landing of that last contract you are about to graduate out of the protected ranks of being a small business and lose several  competitive advantages .  The SBA lists “Unexpected Growth” as a major reason for failure of businesses in transition and unless you are prepared, you risk membership in that undesirable statistical category.  Crenshaw Consulting Associates can help you prepare for that transition so that you are not caught in the “Unexpected Growth” trap.  Even if you are not bumping up against the small business thresholds, a prudent CEO will have a plan in place just in case.  Here are a few thoughts for you to consider as you face the possibility of growing out of your small business skin.  Remember, it takes just as much time and effort for you to figure out how to stay small as it does to plan for the growth you worked so hard for.  Give Lou a call or drop him a note from our Contact Page to learn more.

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