Mission Readiness

Mission Readiness Lou is active in the Mission Readiness organization, a group of 450 retired admirals and generals who advocate for access to quality preschool education for all of America’s youth.  Statistics show that over 60% of American youth between the ages of 17 and 24 are ineligible for military service because of failure to qualify academically, physically or morally.  Mission Readiness sees this as a significant national security issue.  Studies have shown that access to quality preschool programs significantly enhance an individual’s chances of graduating from high school on time and less involvement with law enforcement, thus providing an individual with a better chance of success.  For details on Mission Readiness, check out the web site.

Lou donates his time by visiting with national, state and local law makers to educate them on the benefits of quality preschool education.  Lou recently appeared on Fairfax TV, Channel 10 on the Inside Scoop program with host Jeff Barnett.  Here is the excerpt from the show in which Lou explains Mission Readiness.

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